How to Get Rid of Fire Ants

There are many types of ants that can invade your property and cause considerable nuisance. Of them, it is fire ants prosper tx residents most dread. These ants sting if they bite you and dig tunnels through the lawn.  If you spot fire ants in or near your home, don’t wait to start treating them because the problem will only worsen. In no time, fire ants can do considerable damage to your property as they serve as a major nuisance.


Baits designed to trap fire ants are sold at most major home improvement stores and online for a small cost. Choose a quality product and getting rid of these ants is much simpler. Set these bait traps at the locations where the ants were spotted and within a few weeks, the entire colony of ants should be destroyed.

Keep it Clean

Ants come inside the home searching for food. Where there is one ant, there is always a second and likely, far more. Ants especially enjoy sweet, sticky foods like candies, cakes, and soda. Keep countertops, floors, tables, and elsewhere clean and minimize the risk of ants.

Home Remedies

As you likely guessed, many home remedies treat fire ants and remove them promptly from the house. Borax, lemon juice, peppermint, and cinnamon are a few of the kitchen items that may eliminate fire ants. It is worth a try if you have ants on your property.

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Call a Professional

Pest control companies offer an array of treatment options for fire ants. Using professional service is the fastest and most thorough way to rid your property of the pests. Cost of service varies, but is reasonable since it is such an effective means of getting those pesky ants away from the home.

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